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“2 Things You Are Probably Missing in Your Marketing Plan”

Most business owners don’t like the word “marketing.” However, marketing is necessary if you plan to get your message, ministry, produce or service out to the people that need it. You must market if you intend to stay around. Oh, and yes, I know that word of mouth is the best marketing, but keep reading…..

People will only share your product, service or message with three or less people if they liked it, but they will share it with 15 or more people if they had an issue or bad experience. Therefore, you still must constantly be putting your message out there for people to engage. No one is going to be more excited about your product, service or message than YOU!

It is also important to change your perspective and language relating to marketing. Think of marketing in terms of SHARING versus selling. Sharing takes the thorns off of the rose, so you can enjoy the fragrance. It allows the target to take their guards down, because sharing doesn’t have the scent that you’re going to beat me down to buy your product.

It is equally important to note studies have found that 2% of all consumers will buy your product on the first contact. Conversely, 80% of all consumers will buy, listen, and come on the fourth to twelfth contact. Therefore, you have to share multiple times with different methods and formats.

While I believe in SHARING, Facebook ads, and direct advertising are great. I believe that there are two vital things missing from most people’s marketing plans to get their message/service out. We all know about websites, business cards and Facebook, but what about:

Networking – Networking is the process of meeting other like minded people. Networking is the most devalued aspect in most marketing plans, if it is even in their plan at all. We often only want the sell, but not the work that it takes to get the sale. Networking is a powerful tool to use to grow your business. There is often no immediate return from networking. However, over time it will pay you over and over again. You must take the time to network and build relationships with other businesses. I promise you that as you go to networking events, you will build relationships which will add value to you, your business and your clients. Networking will lead to partnerships.

Partnership – Look for opportunities where you can partner with another business. For example, if you’re in the cupcake business, you should be scouting your area for a restaurant that will allow you to feature your cupcakes in their shop. If you are a makeup artist, you should be partnering with anyone that would have clientele that you both can share, but don’t compete like a bakery or bridal shop. You can send them business and they can send you business – it will be a win for both! I will offer one tip. You shouldn’t go in for the ask first. It is better to build a relationship, patronize their business, send them clients first and then ask for their business.

You have some homework to do! I suggest that you research networking groups or opportunities are in your area and join ONE of them. Give it all that you got. You should try to add value to the group with no expectation of return.

What are some other ways that one can get their business, product, service or message out to the people who need it?

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