You Can Achieve Your Goals This Year – Let me help!

3 Tips to Reaching Your Goals

It’s June! Where are you with your goals? If you’re like most people, you can’t even remember the goals you set. This is part of the problem of why you’re not reaching them. It is a part of our human nature to be excited about the newness of the New Year; however, that all fades away by April.

I was just like you, struggling to reach my goals. I would often set 15 or more goals around the end of the December and would become disenchanted with them around February. I was doing it all wrong. However, through reading, learning from others and trial and error, I have developed a few key principles that will help you reach your goals.

College is for SUCKERS!

Five Ways to Educate Yourself

College is for suckers; well, not really, but it is really expensive and not the only form of education. I have noticed that while many people are not able to go to college due to the expense, they also neglect to educate themselves. Steve Jobs, Rachel Ray and Bishop T.D. Jakes are examples of highly successful people, who were not college educated. It is possible to be successful without a college degree. However, you cannot be a success without education.

Here are five ways that you can continue to educate yourself.


3 Ways to Prevent Frustration


We all deal with feelings of frustration in our daily lives. While I do not believe that frustration is totally avoidable, there are a few key points which can help us to prevent LONG TERM frustration.

I would like to highlight three essential areas that one must address in order to prevent long-term frustration.