It’s Not My Fault; She Seduced Me!

It’s Not My Fault; She Seduced Me!

I know that got you to open up this email. We are naturally prone to hear a little piece of juicy gossip. I have learned that gossip gives us a false sense of security that leads us to believe that we’re doing well, because we’re not doing that. However, this post is not about gossip or what you think at all.

It’s about a nine-letter word that plagues us all and we probably don’t even know it.

You Can Achieve Your Goals This Year – Let me help!

3 Tips to Reaching Your Goals

It’s June! Where are you with your goals? If you’re like most people, you can’t even remember the goals you set. This is part of the problem of why you’re not reaching them. It is a part of our human nature to be excited about the newness of the New Year; however, that all fades away by April.

I was just like you, struggling to reach my goals. I would often set 15 or more goals around the end of the December and would become disenchanted with them around February. I was doing it all wrong. However, through reading, learning from others and trial and error, I have developed a few key principles that will help you reach your goals.