College is for SUCKERS!

Five Ways to Educate Yourself

College is for suckers; well, not really, but it is really expensive and not the only form of education. I have noticed that while many people are not able to go to college due to the expense, they also neglect to educate themselves. Steve Jobs, Rachel Ray and Bishop T.D. Jakes are examples of highly successful people, who were not college educated. It is possible to be successful without a college degree. However, you cannot be a success without education.

Here are five ways that you can continue to educate yourself.


3 Ways to Prevent Frustration


We all deal with feelings of frustration in our daily lives. While I do not believe that frustration is totally avoidable, there are a few key points which can help us to prevent LONG TERM frustration.

I would like to highlight three essential areas that one must address in order to prevent long-term frustration.

Scared As Hell

3 Reasons You Should Do It Afraid

Yep! This is my first blog post and it’s scary as hell! Why is it scare? Because, it’s something I’ve never done before. Would if no one reads it? Writing is not my strength. Will I be able to produce content that will add value to my readers.

I’ve been waiting to start this blog since late 2015. So, I finally decided on December 3, 2016 that I rather do it scared as HELL, than remain in the safe zone. I don’t know if it is her original comment, but I heard Co-Pastor Sheree Sykes, the Co-Pastor of Shekijah Preparation Assembly said “do it afraid.” . I’ve been sitting in the safe zone. The safe zone is where you sit and think about what you want to do, what you could do, and 1000 reason why you can’t do.