Fail Your Way to the Top

3 Things to Note About Failure


Nobody likes the “F” word. No one wants to be a part of the “F” word. However, the “F” word is a necessary part of leadership. The “F” word is a very important part of success. No one, no matter how good they are, can get around the “F” word. What is the “F” word, you say?

Run… Marketing!

“2 Things You Are Probably Missing in Your Marketing Plan”

Most business owners don’t like the word “marketing.” However, marketing is necessary if you plan to get your message, ministry, product or service out to the people that need it. You must market if you intend to stay around. Oh, and yes, I know that word of mouth is the best marketing, but keep reading…..

It’s Not My Fault; She Seduced Me!

It’s Not My Fault; She Seduced Me!

I know that got you to open up this email. We are naturally prone to hear a little piece of juicy gossip. I have learned that gossip gives us a false sense of security that leads us to believe that we’re doing well, because we’re not doing that. However, this post is not about gossip or what you think at all.

It’s about a nine-letter word that plagues us all and we probably don’t even know it.